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How to form a New Hampshire LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Organizing a New Hampshire LLC

Certificate of Formation

A limited liability company is formed in New Hampshire by submitting the completed Certificate of Formation with the attached Form SRA-Addendum to Business Organization, and paying the filing fee to the New Hampshire Department of State, Corporations Division. Submit the certificate by mail or in person. The filing fee is $100. This is comprised of $50.00 for the certificate of formation plus $50.00 for the Form SRA addendum. New Hampshire takes approximately two weeks to process the certificate; however, if you walk it in with an additional $30, New Hampshire will process it on the same day.

The Certificate of Formation must include Form SRA "Addendum to Business Organization and Registration Forms - Statement of Compliance with New Hampshire Securities Laws." This form is required for all businesses being formed or registering in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire law requires that before an application for business registration is accepted, the limited liability company must provide a statement that its business has complied with the state's securities law.

Qualification of a Foreign LLC in New Hampshire

Register your foreign LLC to do business in New Hampshire by filing the Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company and the attached Form SRA with the Secretary of State by mail or in person. The filing fee is $100. Attach a certificate of good standing from the formation jurisdiction, dated no more than 60 days prior to filing the application.

New Hampshire Secretary of State

New Hampshire Department of State
Corporations Division
107 N Main St
Concord, NH 03301-4989

Telephone: 603-271-3246


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New Hampshire LLC Statute: NH Revised Statutes Annotated, 304-C:12, 304-C:64 and 304-D.

New Hampshire LLC Fees

Filing Fee for New Hampshire LLC: $100 Domestic, $100 Foreign.

Other New Hampshire LLC Forms and Fees

Change of Registered Agent/Office: $15
Certificate of Amendment: $15
Certificate of Merger: $35
Certificate of Conversion: $135
Certificate of Cancellation: $35
LLC Annual Report: $100

Available LLC Formation Services in New Hampshire

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