How to form a Kansas LLC (Limited Liability Company)

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Organizing a Kansas LLC

A limited liability company is formed by submitting the Kansas Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization and paying the $160 (online) filing fee to Kansas Secretary of State’s Office. Submit the articles in person, by mail, fax or online. Fax filings are considered expedited and require an additional $20 payment. Online filing is only available to domestic LLCs. This method is processed instantly and is highly recommended.

Every LLC formed in Kansas must contain the words “limited liability company” or “limited company”, or the abbreviation “LLC,” “LC” or the designation “LLC” or “LC” included at the end of the company name. The name may contain the following words: “company,” “association,” “club,” “foundation,” “fund,” “institute,” “society,” “union,” “syndicate,” “limited” or “trust” (or abbreviations of like import.

A LLC must maintain a registered agent and registered office and file annual reports.

A foreign LLC must file an application for Certificate for Authority to Engage in Business in Kansas/Foreign Limited Liability Company Application with the Secretary of State.

A professional limited liability company is comprised of a single professional, or group of professionals, who file both Articles of Organization and a certificate from their specific professional regulatory board with the Secretary of State’s office. The certificate must state that each member is duly licensed and that the company name has been approved. No special wording denoting that they are different from a regular, non-professional LLC is required.

There is no provision in the Articles of Organization form to specify a duration for the LLC. Kansas law provides that a limited liability company is dissolved and its affairs shall be wound up “at the time specified in an operating agreement, but if no such time is set forth in the operating agreement, then the limited liability company shall have a perpetual existence.” K.S.A. 17-76,116.

Qualification of a Foreign LLC in Kansas

Register your foreign LLC to do business in Kansas by filing in duplicate the Foreign Limited Liability Company Application with the Kansas Secretary of State, by mail, in person or by fax. The filing fee is $165. Also, attach a certificate of good standing from the state under whose laws the company is formed, dated within 90 days of filing.

Kansas Secretary of State


Check name availability:

Kansas LLC Statute: Kan. Stat. Ann. §§ 17-7673 and 17-76,121.


Other Kansas LLC Forms

Certificate of Amendment: $35
LLC Annual Report: $55
Certificate of Merger or Consolidation: $35
Certificate of Cancellation: $35
Change of Registered Office or Agent: $35

Fee for filing Articles of Organization for a Kansas LLC: $165 paper filing (Domestic/Foreign or Professional).

Available LLC Formation Services in Kansas

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