LLC Information by State

Limited Liability Company Center provides free information on forming limited liability companies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Select a state from the list below to view additional information about forming a limited liability company in that state. Available information varies from state to state but all states include:

  • the name of the document you need to file (articles of organization, certificate of formation, etc…)
  • filing fees required for filing LLC organizational documents
  • the street address (and mailing address, if different) of the office for filing
  • the telephone number and fax number of the state office in which the LLC formation documents are filed
  • a link to the state’s website where more information may be found
  • a link, when available, to a cite to check name availability in the state
  • a citation to the state’s statutory provisions governing limited liability companies

Additional information may include a detailed discussion of the information requirements for the articles of organization or certificate of formation, other documents and filing fees, information on registering foreign LLCs, a summary of some of the key provisions governing LLCs and links to free downloadable documents or online filing.

Please choose a state: