How to form a Nebraska LLC (Limited Liability Company)

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Organizing a Nebraska LLC

A limited liability company is formed in Nebraska by submitting the Certificate of Organization and paying the filing fee to the Nebraska Secretary of State, Corporations Division. Submit the certificate by mail, in person or online. The filing fee is $110. Nebraska takes approximately one week to process mailed filings, and they do not offer expedited service other than online. Nebraska also does not furnish this form. Draft your certificate with your LLC name, principal office address and name and street address of the registered agent for service of process. Convert your certificate of organization to pdf format and attach it to the online submission. This method will be processed in two days.

All members of a professional limited liability company must be licensed by the agency with authority of the specific professional service.

Qualification of a Foreign LLC in Nebraska

Register your foreign LLC to do business in Nebraska by filing the Application for Certificate of Authority Foreign Limited Liability Company with the Secretary of State by mail, in person or online. The filing fee is $110 in office, and $100 online. Attach a certificate of existence or good standing from the jurisdiction of organization, dated within 60 days of the application filing.

Nebraska Secretary of State


Check name availability:

Nebraska LLC Statute: Nebraska Revised Statutes, §§ 21-104 to 21-197.

Filing Fee for Nebraska LLC and PLLC: Domestic-$110. Foreign-$100 (online).

Other Nebraska LLC Forms and Fees

Amended Certificate of Organization: $25 (online)
Articles of Merger: $25 (online)
Statement of Dissolution: $25 (online)
Articles of Correction: $25 (online)

Available LLC Formation Services in Nebraska

LLC Center Publications recommends Northwest Registered Agent LLC to form your Nebraska Limited Liability Company.

Secretary of State Information

Physical Address:

Secretary of State
Room 1301
State Capitol
Lincoln, NE 68509

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Secretary of State
P.O. Box 94608
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Telephone: 402-471-4079
Fax: 402-471-3666