How to form a Nevada LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Initial Costs


Filing Time


Ways to File


Organizing a Nevada LLC

A limited liability company is formed in Nevada by submitting the Articles of Organization and paying the filing fee to the Nevada Secretary of State. Submit the articles by mail, fax, email, in person or online. The filing fee is $425. Nevada takes approximately two week to process filings other than online. You may pay an additional $125 and request 24-hour expedited processing, or file the articles online for instant processing.

Nevada allows for the election of a series LLC or a restricted LLC on the articles; permitting extra liability protection for the series and a reduction of market value of assets for the restricted LLC.

Technically, the filing fee is only $75, but Nevada requires an initial list of members ($150) and a business license fee ($200). That makes a total of $425 to start a Nevada LLC.

Nevada Series LLC

In 2005, Nevada amended its limited liability company statute to allow LLCs to establish a Series LLC. The statute provides that if the LLC is to have one or more series of members and the debts or liabilities of any series are to be enforceable against the assets of that series only and not against the assets of another series or the company generally, a statement to that effect must be included in the Articles of Organization. In addition, the Articles of Organization must include a statement:

(1) Setting forth the relative rights, powers and duties of the series; or
(2) Indicating that the relative rights, powers and duties of the series will be set forth in the operating agreement or established as provided in the operating agreement.

Qualification of a Foreign LLC in Nevada

Register your foreign LLC to do business in Nevada by filing the Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company with the Secretary of State by mail, fax, in person or attached to an email. The filing fee is $75. Attach a certified copy of the original articles of organization and certificate of good standing from the formation jurisdiction.

Nevada Secretary of State

Check name availability:

Nevada LLC Statute: Nevada Revised Statutes, §§ 86 et al.

Nevada LLC Fees

Filing Fee for Nevada LLC: $75 Domestic, $75 Foreign, plus $325 initial list of members and managers.

Other Nevada LLC Forms and Fees

Amended Certificate of Organization: $175
Restated Articles of Organization: $175
Articles of Merger: $350
Limited-Liability Company Reinstatement: $300
Dissolution: $100
Statement of Change of Registered Agent: $60

Available LLC Formation Services in Nevada

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